Apple introduces Mighty Mouse

Written by Wil Harris

August 2, 2005 | 16:18

Tags: #imac #ipod #mouse #peripheral

Companies: #apple

Apple have got a new mouse, and it's got more than one button.

The new rodent, dubbed 'Mighty Mouse', sports two touch-sensitive buttons on the left and right, as well as side buttons.

More interestingly, it also has a scroll bar, which allows the user to scroll both horizontally and vertically, as well as diagonally.

"With Mighty Mouse, we've simply built a better mouse," said David Moody, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Mac Product Marketing. "With its innovative Scroll Ball and unique integration of multiple buttons, Mighty Mouse adds functionality while retaining the elegant, easy-to-use Apple design."

Apple say they've tried to retain the simplicity of a one button mouse with the new design.

The mouse works on Windows and Mac, and costs $49, with UK pricing to be announced. We're going to get our hands on one ASAP to let you know how it goes.

To be honest, much of the bit-tech crew are complete Mac addicts. We can't wait for this - what do you think?
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