Apple releases revised iMacs

Written by Wil Harris

May 4, 2005 | 08:19

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For those of you that follow such fruity things, the iMac line has been updated across the board.

The change means that 2.0GHz G5 processors are now standard across the top-end of the line, with the 20" and 17" both including them. The low-end 17" has a 1.8GHz processor. In contrast, the top ranging PowerMac G5 has dual 2.7GHz processors, and the PowerBook has a 1.6GHz G4 processor.

The graphics in the iMac have had a much-needed upgrade, although not by much. Whereas GeForceFX 5200 processors were standard, the new iMacs represent a major win for ATI, who now have the 9600 in there. The extra graphics processing power is a boon for the Tiger OS, which increasingly uses the graphics card to composite and render the desktop UI.

The iMac still doesn't support proper dual-screens, with only video mirroring being supported, although the age-old firmware hack would still appear to work, allowing dual-screen desktop.

The new models come in at $1299, $1499, $1799 / £899, £999, £1199.
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