Asus agrees to publish full Eee PC source code

Written by Joe Martin

November 29, 2007 | 15:21

Tags: #code #comment #distro #eee #gpl #source #unix

Companies: #asus

That Eee PC is a popular machine right now and, like all popular things, it's found a natural enemy almost immediately. In this situation that enemy is the source code reading, OS tinkering Linux fanboy type.

When it originally emerged that Asus hadn't fully complied with the Linux General Public License, there was a minor furore on the internet. A number of parties were quick to yell that once again a big company was trying to break the law in their favour by not releasing some of the modified parts of the source code for the OS which the Eee PC runs on.

Well, to all those people, Asus has one thing to say and that is; "Calm down, dear!"

Asus has tried to clarify the matter in a comment to Digitimes and has pledged to release the full source code shortly.

In a comment to Digitimes, Asus spokespersons said that the omission was due to a mistake caused by the company's software technicians. The company is now hard at work compiling the full source code so that hackers and tinkerers can have their wicked ways.

What do you think about the Eee PC? Is it a decent machine or is it all mouth and no chops? Was this a deliberate mistake from Asus or a genuine error? Let us know in the forums.
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