Asus dual 6800GT card pictured

Written by Wil Harris

May 11, 2005 | 12:18

Tags: #nvidia-sli

A new video card from Asus which combines two 6800GT cores onto one card has been sighted on the net.

We think the product name is the EN6800GT Dual, and you can see the pictures here.

Several things are interesting about the card. One: the heatsink is absolutely gigantic. Of course, it would need to be, since the ggraphics card is actually longer than an ATX motherboard. This thing is bigger than a Voodoo 5 6000.

There are dual PCI-E power connectors, which makes perfect sense. However, unlike the Gigabyte 3D1 dual-6600 card, which requires a special motherboard, this card appears to be running happily in an A8N-SLI, which would be great news for existing nForce 4 owners out there. What we don't know is whether this will be supported on other brands of motherboard.

And, of course, there's no news as to whether two of these babies can be hooked together to provide quad-6800GT rendering, but we can't see an SLI bridge connector on the card, so we suspect not.

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