ATI claims 3DMark world record

Written by Wil Harris

June 3, 2005 | 10:32

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ATI have just landed an incredibly hyperbolised press release in my inbox.

However, it does appear that they have something worth shouting about, since it seems that Macci, overclocking God to many, has broken the 3DMark world record with new ATI hardware.

Using a CrossFire motherboard and a single X850 card, Macci hit 9,265 in 3DMark 05.

Using a CrossFire motherboard and dual X850 cards, he achieved a staggering 15,948, with the cards overclocked to 769MHz core and 695MHz memory.

ATI suggests that this proves that ATI's new CrossFire mainboards, designed to compete with Nforce4, are a great platform for the enthusiast, rather than the slightly lame ducks n00b-fest they have been previously. Well, they didn't put it exactly like that, if we're fair.

On this evidence, we'd be rather inclined to agree. ATI's mainboards have come on leaps and bounds over the last 6 months, and it looks like CrossFire might be the first viable alternative to Nforce4 we've seen. It's got the tweakability - we've had a fiddle ourselves - and it appears to have scorchingly fast performance.

It also appears that CrossFire, as a motherboard and graphics card platform, can certainly be faster than SLI in some situations - although we all know what a debacle 3DMark can be, so we'll be waiting for shipping hardware and some in-game testing before giving our judgement.

However, in a testament to a) the overclockability of the X850 and b) Macci's hardcore skills, Macci managed to push the core clock of the X850 over 900MHz with some liquid nitrogen, the highest anyone has ever managed to clock a graphics core.


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