ATI Avivo Transcoder for all

Written by Tim Smalley

December 20, 2005 | 00:37

Tags: #avivo #converter #radeon #transcoder #video

Companies: #ati

Bit-tech reader Boon informs us that those Elite Bastards at, err..., are hosting a file called ATI Avivo Video Converter.

Wil discussed the new features that are coming to ATI's Avivo technology earlier today. Avivo is basically a bunch of technologies that come together as a collaboration of Image Quality, Connectivity and High Definition video. It's designed to improve the video playback experience. You can read more about the technologies here.

We were told that the new Avivo technologies were limited to the new Radeon X1000-series video cards, launched back in October. But it seems that this is not entirely true, as some parts of the technology will work on other architectures, including the video converter application.

Someone - who wishes to remain anonymous - has released a version of the Video Converter to EliteBastards. It's said to work on any video card. We're not quite sure whether this means it'll work on NVIDIA video cards, or whether its just limited to ATI's previous generation video cards.

Try it out and let us know what you think about the quality of the transcoder in the forums.

Update - 00:40 GMT 20/12/05:
EliteBastards has removed the file due to bandwidth and server performance issues, so we've uploaded the file to bit-tech servers. You can download it here.
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