ATI gets down and dirty with 360

Written by Wil Harris

June 15, 2005 | 08:28

Tags: #beyond3d #xbox-360 #xenos

Companies: #ati #microsoft

There is a stunning article over at Beyond 3D that goes into some inconceivable depths about the graphics hardware that is powering Xbox 360.

Last week, we talked to ATI's Richard Huddy about the work it had done for the console, and Richard took us through some of the specific features, comparing it to PC and PlayStation 3 architecture.

However, Beyond3D have gone, in their inimitable style, far beyond that - they're discussing the technical details of the Xenos graphics processor right down to the smallest detail, and uncovering some interesting information in the meantime.

For me, one of the questions has always been how ATI intend to store an anti-aliased 1280x720 image in a 10MB eDRAM frame buffer. Beyond3D has the answer - a tile-based architecture that sees frames split into 1-4 tiles for rendering with 2x or 4x AA in eDRAM.

If you want the full details, you should check out the full article, here.

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