ATI R520 (X1800) benchmarks emerge

Written by Wil Harris

September 16, 2005 | 21:53

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The first benchmarks of ATI's next-generation R520 card have hit the web today.

As reported on Anandtech and Tech Report (just so we don't take all the stick!), Hardware Analysis has posted the first benchmarks using the X1800 XT and Pro cards.

In benchmarks using Half Life 2, Far Cry and Splinter Cell, R520 appears to be a fair amount slower than 7800GTX SLI, and in slower than a single 7800 card. In titles like Splinter Cell, it's even beaten heftily by 6800 Ultra SLI. It is very competetive, however, in Half Life 2.

There is also new information over at the Inquirer about the limitations of CrossFire. According to those boys, ATI's answer to SLI won't do more than 1600x1200 at 60Hz, meaning that owners of large CRT monitors are rather screwed. It can cope with a 1920 widescreen resolution, but only at 52Hz - headache inducing!

We're looking at CrossFire at the moment, and so we'll be bringing you our take on the technology just as soon as we're finished with the benchmarks, and the nice people at ATI say that we can release our results.

What do you make of R520, now you've seen some benchmarks? Tell us your opinions over in the forums.
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