ATI's plans for new cards revealed

Written by Wil Harris

August 16, 2005 | 09:42

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Tech site Anandtech is well known for being rather good at getting hold of industry insider information, so its little surprise to see that they're breaking the latest news on ATI's plans for its next generation cards.

Honestly, we've written about ATI's new cards so many times, it's starting to feel like groundhog day. Even Anandtech suggest that its cards have been through so many respins they're basically unrecognisable from the first designs.

The long and the short is this - don't expect anything much until October, and cards won't be on the shelves until later that month.

With that said, first out of the door is the competitor to the 7800GT, the R520 XL, due out in September. The XL is designed to be the card that most will want, with the 520 XT - the 7800 GTX competitor - coming in October. Along with that will come Crossfire editions of these cards, it seems.

Early in September there will be Crossfire 'Master card' editions of the X800 and the X850, although why you'd buy another card without Shader 3 support (and a new motherboard to put it in, obviously) we're not sure.

Later on will come RV530 and 515, the lower-end cards. Expect Pro, LE, GT and other annoying acronyms to come on these cards too.

In terms of thermal design, R520 XT is dual-slot, whilst the other new cards are single-slot coolers.

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