ATI to delay Shader Model 3.0 parts until Autumn

Written by Tim Smalley

May 9, 2005 | 12:47

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In a recent news item that we posted last week, we suggested that both ATI and NVIDIA would release their next-generation hardware at this year's Computex trade show held in Taiwan at the end of this month.

On Friday, information on ATI's upcoming Multiple VPU Technology circled around the web. We already knew that ATI were planning to release the MVP architecture before its next-generation R520, and despite recent roadmaps that we have seen suggesting that ATI would release R520 in June. We now understand that ATI will not be releasing its Shader Model 3.0 parts until some time this Autumn.

We have already seen, and snapped exclusive shots of the ASUS P5RD2-MVP Deluxe motherboard back at this year's CeBit tradeshow. We understand that ATI's partners are readying motherboards based on the RD480 and RD400 chipsets, which fits in to place for MVP to be launched at Computex.

We understand that NVIDIA are playing the waiting game at the moment, keeping its cards close to its chest. Right now, they have no need to introduce its next generation video card, which we believe to be codenamed G70, as they already have their SLI platform. Providing the title has support for SLI, NVIDIA have the performance lead across the board, with the possible exception of Half-Life 2.

This also raises concerns that Half-Life 2's Lost Coast level, and implementation of HDR technology will be put on hold until Autumn, as it makes no business sense for Valve to release the patch before then, seeing as ATI spent around $6 million supporting the development of the title.

Should Valve just go ahead and release its Lost Coast level, or do you have any thoughts on why ATI are delaying R520 in favour of MVP technology? Let us know in our forums
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