ATI release two Radeon X1800-series demos

Written by Tim Smalley

November 9, 2005 | 14:53

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ATI has released the executable versions of the two Radeon X1000-series demos that are designed to show off the capabilities of the Radeon X1800 cards in particular.

There are two demo executables available to download: The Assassin and Toy Shop; they weigh in at 131MB and 114MB respectively. If you don't have a Radeon X1000-series video card, you can still download the video of the demo in either 320x240 or in full High-Definition 720p.

The Toy Shop demo is by far the most impressive in our opinion. The demo is all about details and features over 700 unique shader instructions including following effects: rain & water effects; dynamic parallax occlusion mapping on the brick and cobblestones; realistic dynamic volumetric lighting with rain, fog and misty rain halos around lights; dynamic soft shadows; dynamic stretchy, blurry reflections.

(click for larger versions)
The Assassin demo is Ruby's latest adventure. It makes use of high dynamic range lighting (HDR), dynamic soft shadows and depth of field effects. The villain in the demo, a cyborg called Cyn, consists of over 120,000 polygons that are all lit, transformed and rendered using the Radeon X1800's capabilities.

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You can download the demos and videos here. We wonder whether its possible to run the demo on a GeForce 6 or 7-series card too, if you don't have a Radeon X1000-series card.

Let us know if you do in the forums.
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