Avoiding Malware? Buy a Mac

Written by Glen Chivers

July 6, 2006 | 10:19

Tags: #mac #malware #virus #windows

Companies: #sophos

Fancy being virus free? Switch to a Mac - that's the advice from security firm Sophos. But we knew that already didn't we?

A recent report shows that the top ten malware found on computers all target Windows machines and none were found to harm any of Apple's computers.

To be fair, since the majority of the worlds computers are Windows, it does make sense to write malware to target them, rather than the tiny 4% of machines that are Macs. The news that most malware targets Windows is not exactly a shocker.

What is interesting, however, is that on the whole there has been a decrease in the number of new malware programmes relative to previous years.

Not everything is good news though, since many of these underground writers are now turning to find ways of stealing money and information rather than infect computers. Back in May we reported that Jeanson James Ancheta received a 5 year prison sentence for his criminal use of malware.

Microsoft has not commented on this report ,but Bill has said many times that Vista will be the most secure operating system yet - let's hope he lives up to his word. Will you be out to swap your uber-rig for a Mac? Drop your thoughts in our forums.
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