Axle graphics cards to come to Europe

June 4, 2008 | 01:24

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Eastern graphics card partner for Nvidia, Axle, is due to jump from its predominant China, Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysian market base and will set up camp in the land of Germany come the third quarter of this year. While competition is good, is yet another Nvidia partner really what we need? However, having said that, Zotac has successfully done it since just last year.

The Hong Kong based business makes the usual standard sticker re-branded partner cards, as well as overclocked and unique cooling products where it can and over a Sushi dinner (yea, I couldn't help but drop that in) bit-tech was told by Willy Wong, Director of Axle, that the company also aims for very low prices too. We can't argue with that.

We pressed but were told it was too early to say what products will be launched first over here, and even if the box design and package will mirror that of the Asian markets.

Care for another Nvidia partner, or do you already have your preferred choice? Or is it simply whatever is cheapest? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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