bit-tech expands full-time Editorial team

Written by Tim Smalley

May 29, 2008 | 11:15

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I am pleased to announce today that we have employed our fourth full-time member of the bit-tech editorial team and he is now working away in our offices in Ascot, Berkshire.

In the coming weeks, you will see us increase our content output to deliver more of the content that you love to read every day. Once Computex is out of the way, we will be increasing our weekly content output from a minimum of seven feature articles to at least ten... and probably more.

It seems like an age has gone by since we first put out an advert to find the fourth full-time member of the editorial team here at bit-tech HQ, but we wanted to be sure that we found the right person. The recruitment process was long and thorough, but I think we have found someone who is not only right for us, but we are also right for him too.

On that note, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Harry Butler.

Harry has been a member of bit-tech's forums since 2005 and has been more of a lurker than a poster – one thing's for sure: he'll be posting a lot more now... because we're paying him to do just that.

Our tradition of employing people from our community continues, as we feel that's the best way to keep the life and soul of the site when it first started back in 2001.

He's a keen case modder, a die-hard hardware enthusiast and a fanatical gamer – you'll be seeing him write about a variety of products, including motherboards, graphics, cases, heatsinks, games and more!

If you're a regular attendee at Multiplay's i-series events, you may have seen him – he's been ever-present since i14 and doesn't plan to stop attending any time soon. If you see him at future i-series events, please do stop by and say 'hi' to him. In the meantime, please welcome him to the team – you can catch him via email or of course over in the forums!
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