Cryorig unveils its first case designs, Ola and Taku

May 24, 2016 | 11:20

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Cryorig has announced plans to shift sideways from cooling components to housing them, unveiling two cases currently in development: the Ola and Taku.

Cryorig is refreshingly honest about the inspiration for its Ola case, describing it in its official press release as 'a Mac Pro inspired cylindrical home theatre lifestyle ITX PC case' and claiming to have focused on performance and cooling. While far from the first case to hit the market featuring the same dustbin-like appearance as Apple's innovative Mac Pro, Cryorig claims its design is one of the few capable of housing larger graphics cards - up to 280mm, according to its initial specifications. Coolers of up to 82mm in height are also supported, providing the top is no larger than 92mm by 92mm, along with SFX power supplies up to 130mm in length

While the cylindrical design of Apple's Mac Pro hides a triangular layout of components nestled against a central heatsink, Cryorig's Ola is more traditional: accepting mini-ITX motherboards, the design includes individual components for the CPU, PSU, and GPU, side air intake ducts across the full height of the case, and a 140mm exhaust fan at the top - a layout claimed to be up to the job of housing high-power graphics cards and CPUs with up to a 100W thermal design profile (TDP). The case will also include modular front and back panels, available in a range of finishes including brushed aluminium and wood veneer.

The Ola is joined as a launch product by the Taku, which hearkens back to the early days of computing where desktop systems generally did sit on your desk and provide support for a monitor. Designed, again, for ITX motherboards, the Taku sits proud of the desk on angled legs and is designed for the monitor to sit on top. As this would prevent access to components if the case opened in a traditional manner, the Taku is designed with a sliding drawer which can be pulled from the front to provide easy access to all internal components, including graphics cards up to 250mm in length, up to two 2.5" or one 3.5" hard drives, and the SFX power supply.

Cryorig has proclaimed both designs to be in-progress, with full pricing and specifications to be announced closer to the planned launch dates late this year or early 2017. The company has also confirmed that it will be showing off working prototypes of both cases at Computex 2016.

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