Lian Li X1000 case seems almost perfect

June 4, 2009 | 13:36

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COMPUTEX 2009: We've always had a soft spot for Lian-Li's X2000 as, despite the price tag and slightly limited feature set, it was an utterly beautiful bit of news. The X1000 improves on the X2000 by simplifying the design, bringing down the cost (although no specific price was yet given), while retaining the elegant tall design, which makes the X-series unique.

Lian Li has listened to criticism of the original design and has moved the optical drives to face the front. There's support for six hard drives, space for a pair of 2.5” SSD drives, support for long PSUs (although with high efficiency solutions now it shouldn’t be needed in this day and age), as well as the option to pack out the motherboard with graphics cards thanks to the two large 140mm fans right behind them. Despite having no side fan, the graphics cooling should be very similar due to this chassis design, but the advantage of no side fan means its elegant clean looks aren’t spoiled with an ugly grill.

The downside of a tall case means that its centre of gravity is higher, although with the PSU in the base that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. We hope Lian Li remembers that PSU cables still need to be long enough to read the optical and hard drives in the top though.

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Lian Li X1000 case seems almost perfect Lian Li X1000 case seems almost perfect

Lian Li X1000 case seems almost perfect Lian Li X1000 case seems almost perfect

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