See the Antec P280 first at i44

Written by Clive Webster

November 16, 2011 | 12:20

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Antec is offering you the chance to see the forthcoming P280 for the first time in the UK at Multiplay’s i44 LAN event. The case will only be on sale here from ‘the beginning of December’ but i44 is held from 18-21 November.

The P280 has the same minimalist fridge-like design as all Antec’s Performance One-series cases, harking back to legendary cases such as the P180. The interior of the new case isn’t compartmentalised, however, which allows the P280 to be less massive than its predecessors at 231 x 561 x 526mm (W x D x H).

There’s a PSU bay in the floor and two 120mm TwoCool fans in the roof, with another at the rear. It’s a shame to not see a 200mm fan in the roof, but possibly there will be room for a dual 120mm-fan radiator instead. At least the side panels have the same dual-layer stell/polycarbonate side panels as previous noise-deadening Performance One cases.

The door is triple-layer affair of aluminium, foam and plastic to again deaden noise; it’s double-hinged mounting means that the door can rest flush with the side panel and is hard to snap off accidentally. To test this for yourself (please, not too forcefully) head to the Antec/Kustom PC stand.

As well as seeing the P280 in the flesh for the first time, you can play Minecraft for money at i44 and see the final eight players for the IGN Pro League 4 Uk qualifiers duke it out. You might pick up some tips for your own game. Or you might ignore them altogether to hang out with your mates: your call.

Are you going to i44? If so, will you check out the P280 and the other stands are you going to cram as much LAN gaming into one weekend as is physically possible? Let us know in the forum.
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