SilverStone explains why the TJ11 is so expensive

Written by Antony Leather

July 25, 2011 | 11:33

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SilverStone's Temjin TJ11 case is one of the most expensive cases we've reviewed, and SilverStone has now explained some of the reasons for the high price.

When we reviewed the TJ11 back in April, it could have been easy to hail it as the long-awaited replacement for the venerable and much sought-after TJ07. However, while it offered vastly superior air cooling to its predecessor, the TJ11 also retailed for more than double the price of a TJ07 at the time.

The first snippet of information SilverStone told us was that it actually takes far more time to make a TJ11 than it does to make a TJ07. In fact, it's only able to get five TJ11s out the door in the same time it takes to manufacture 50 TJ07s.

A part of the reason for this is that the case is bigger and more complicated - this much we already knew. However, the TJ11's internal aluminium parts are also sand-blasted and anodised, while the TJ07 only receives chromate treatment. The TJ11's dual-layered aluminium panels also play a part in its price tag - it's a beast of a case that will certainly stand the test of time, but the panels require much more work.

We'll be back soon with a feature on SilverStone's unibody manufacturing process, variations of which are used in both the TJ11 and TJ07. In the meantime, we've also spotted one of the first modding projects to involve the company's giant case - recent Mod of the Month winner Kier is current hard at work on his latest project, which is simply called Silverstone TJ11 Carbon.

What do you make of the TJ11? Do you think SilverStone went a step too far with the price tag? Let us know in the forums.
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