Streacom launches its first full-size ATX case

May 21, 2015 | 12:43

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Streacom has announced the release of its first PC case to accept all standard ATX form factor hardware, the F12C.

Designed with Streacom's usual minimalism, the F12C case is built from 4mm thick extruded aluminium panels with a sand-blast finish in either silver or black. Unlike the company's usual compact cases, the F12C supports up to full-ATX hardware and offers room for seven full-height expansion cards of up to 310mm in length and a CPU cooler up to 135mm in height. The power supply mount, too, supports full-size ATX power supplies with no length restrictions, unless the hard drive mounting bracket is shifted to make room for longer graphics cards.

Internally, the case supports multiple fans from 80mm up to 140mm in a variety of locations while an additional mounting rail at the upper side of the case is designed for either fans or liquid cooling radiators - 140mm plus two 120mm, the specifications claim - which can vent through the side panels. Grills located over each vent are, Streacom explains, removable for cleaning and designed to filter dust without overly harming airflow. Drive bays support between two 2.5" and five 3.5" hard drives or, with the use of mini-ITX boards, up to 24 2.5" or 12 3.5" hard drives.

All this capacity for hardware and cooling does come at a cost: compared to the company's usual cases, the F12C is a beast measuring 440mm x 320mm x 184mm and weighing 4.4Kg. There are also, strangely, no front ports broken out to the solid front-panel, which is broken only by a power button and LED. No infra-red receiver is included, either, although the company's FLirc or IRRC hardware is fully supported.

More information is available on the official product page, while UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.
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