Catalyst 5.8 has shimmering problems too

Written by Tim Smalley

September 8, 2005 | 14:14

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After the recently reported problems with NVIDIA's ForceWare 77.77 drivers - that were subsequently fixed with ForceWare 78.03 - it seems that ATI are also playing the shimmering game too, according to the guys on Rage3D's forums.

The issue seems to be most apparent in Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source and we can confirm that we've seen the problem too. Last Thursday we spent a large amount of time evaluating the image quality of Catalyst 5.8 on the Radeon X800GT after seeing some irregularities.

However, at that time we were not 100% sure that we were seeing shimmering, as the uncompressed videos that we had recorded with FRAPS were not showing what we were seeing in-game to quite the same extent.

We found that the easiest place to see the shimmering issues is on either de_dust, de_aztec, or cs_assault in Counter-Strike: Source and in the City 17 and Water Hazard levels in Half-Life 2. There are a couple of videos that you can download that highlight the problem in this post - they're roughly 45MB each so it's going to be for broadband users only.

The issue isn't raised under the 'Known Bugs' section of the Catalyst 5.8 release notes, so we don't think that it's a known bug.

After the problems that NVIDIA have had with shimmering, we weren't expecting ATI to have the same problems and even more so, we certainly weren't expecting them to not highlight it as a bug. In light of these problems, we'll be sticking with Catalyst 5.7 until it is fixed.

What's going on? First NVIDIA, now ATI - we just want shimmer-free gaming and we'd like a quick turn around on this problem too.

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