Go grab Catalyst 5.9

Written by Wil Harris

September 22, 2005 | 22:31

Tags: #catalyst #driver

Companies: #ati

ATI's latest driver release has hit the pages of its website, bringing the Catalyst drivers up to version 5.9.

You can grab versions with or without Catalyst Control Center. Both are available from the ATI.com downloads page.

New stuff in Catalyst 5.9 includes:

  • Mobile Catalyst support. You can now download ATI drivers straight to
    your notebook, without having to go through the vendor your notebook came from.
  • Better video quality through adaptive de-interlacing, which reduces artefacts
  • Bug-fixes for Battlefield 2, Star Wars: KOTOR2, Max Payne 2.
You might also see a little bit of a kick in performance here and there, and there are a few bugs with Catalyst Control Center itself that have been nailed.

Of course, we're all waiting for a version of the driver with CrossFire support! Keep an eye out, we suspect it's coming soon...

In the meantime, discuss your experiences with the new driver over in the forum.
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