Some oddities from our travels

Written by Dave Williams

March 12, 2006 | 11:46

Tags: #cebit-2006 #memory-stick #usb

The CeBit show floor has a number of distinguishing characteristics.
  • It's absolutely massive, with several square miles of exhibition space
  • It's full of absolutely random companies you're never heard of
  • It's dominated by several halls full of knock-offs of products in the popular halls
  • There are a lot of bizarre products that people think are a good idea.
Everyone likes a bit of innovation, but some of the ideas are really quite strange. Our travels this week have led us past lots of little weird and wonderful (and not so wonderful) gadgets. Here are a few of them.

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For the geek who has everything, the equivalent of a wash bag for LAN parties. Who needs toothpaste when you can have gaming accessories?

Fancy a set of mood speakers? These little must-haves contain colour changing LEDs to enhance your listening pleasure. Or just make you want to poke your eyeballs out.

It is said that elephants never forget. Well, with the help of one of these ironically teeny-tiny memory sticks from Pretec you can pretend to be a pachyderm to your hearts content.

We all know that size is important, but we’re not convinced that your girlfriend would appreciate something so small. Besides, what is the point of memory stick earrings if she can never find them?

More to the point, would your girlfriend ever actually wear memory stick earrings?

See those little skid lids? They are scroll wheel mice!

With a capacity up to 1Gig, OLED display and a rechargeable Li-ion battery this little cutie from Matsunichi called the Libero is an MP3 player, (yawn). Balls!
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