Samsung turns 2007 into 3000 (to 1)

Written by Brett Thomas

January 10, 2007 | 01:24

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There are things that sound great. There are some things that sound great and are absolutely wretched. Many are things that turn out to be halfway between as great as they sound and as absolutely poor as they could be. And then there are the rare things that sound great, and make your jaw drop in person.

Samsung has just entered the last of those categories.

Many of you commented on Wil's story kicking off CES 2007 about Samsung announcing a 3000:1 contrast ratio monitor. Is it fake? Will it really make that much of a difference? Is it done with smoke, mirrors, or other trickery?I got a chance to visit the booth a bit before my scheduled meeting, curious to see the beasts themselves. The answer to "Is it real?" is, "Yes, and it will knock your socks off."

There are two types of high-contrast monitors coming out - one is a standard 3000:1 contrast ratio, as is pictured in the captioned image to the right. This model has been announced in a 24" and 27" version, both are in production now. We can expect to see the 27" by 2Q of 2007, but the 24" won't debut until Q3. Those of you across the pond in Europe will be waiting a little longer, but probably not much.

The second type is pictured below. Samsung actually announced the 20" in November - LED backlit with a color palate far beyond a standard monitor. It will automatically correct itself based on the color type of image you're using, be it Adobe RGB, sRGB, or more unique formats. The target market for these fantastic screens are imaging enthusiasts - and they come at a price. The 20" model, which should be hitting stores in February, is roughly $2,000 USD. There is no price for the 30" model, which is the one pictured.

Drool on, enthusiasts - this might be one series of monitors worth paying for. So take a look at the picture below and tell us your thoughts in our forums. And before you even ask, the only thing I did to this image is change the file name. Enjoy!

You really want to click this.

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