Cheap mini-ITX gear!

Written by Wil Harris

February 15, 2007 | 11:27

Tags: #epia #itx #mini

Companies: #via

Yesterday we brought you the news that EPIA is five years old this month, having been the mini form factor of choice for modders.

Our buddies over at got in touch to let us know a special offer that they're running for bit-tech readers until Monday!

If you want to grab some gear from the store there, you can get free shipping if you put the discount code BigWil in the comments section of the checkout.

That means you can grab yourself a bagload of gear without having to pay to get it to your digs!

Check out the store here, and post your thoughts in our comments thread!

  • Goods over £50 ex VAT, before shipping
  • Mainland UK only
  • Expires midnight Monday morning (19th Feb)
  • Shipping will be refunded to the card after payment

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