Club 3D releases X800XL with 1.6ns memory

Written by Wil Harris

June 26, 2005 | 12:34

Tags: #512mb #radeon-x800-xl #x800xl #x800-xl

Companies: #ati #club-3d

Club3D are making a strong move into the market for 512MB graphics cards, with an ATI X800XL card sporting 1.6ns memory.

512MB cards from other vendors have all sported 2.0ns memory - making them less than stellar overclockers.

On their first X800XL card, which we reviewed here, Club3D were the only vendor to implement a PCI Express power connector - making it a far better overclocker, and earning it a highly-deserved award for excellence from us.

With the new 512MB version, the addition of 1.6ns memory is going to help push the card even further.

Look out for some great prices on ATI hardware - with R520 announced on Friday as delayed, they are going to have to slash prices to compete with the GeForce 7800. The X800XL is a fantastic card for the price, and expect it to get even better.

Got some thoughts on the X800XL? Think 512MB is a waste of money? Or excited at the prospect of getting your hands on that much fast memory? Let us know your thoughts!
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