Club 3D unveils spring-loaded graphics cooler

Written by Tim Smalley

March 12, 2006 | 17:05

Tags: #3d #block #club #cooler #spring #water

CeBIT 2006: We went along to Club 3D's stand the other day and noticed that they'd got a lot of new products. The most interesting of them was their upcoming aftermarket water block for graphics cards.

It's designed to fit on the high end cards from ATI and NVIDIA, seeing as Club 3D is an official partner with both of them. However, they had a problem to overcome in the design of this block, because the size of ATI and NVIDIA's chips are quite different at the moment.

To solve the problem, they've designed the block with a spring-loaded contact area. This also helps to increase the tension between silicon and the water block. From what we understand, this comes into direct contact with the coolant passing through the block.

At this time, we're not 100% certain of the internal layout, but it looks like it could solve the problem of switching between video card vendors. However, we believe that the design is still in development, and there could be improvements made to the technology by the time it is available for purchase. As a concept though, it looks pretty cool.

Let us know your thoughts on this idea in the usual hangout.

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