Compro releases teeny-tiny tuner

Written by Wil Harris

January 18, 2006 | 11:58

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Companies: #compro

Compro has let us know that it's released a couple of new TV tuner products. You might not be familiar with the brand name, but they're keen to latch onto the media revolution that's going to be sweeping the tech world this year. We're going to be taking a look at some of their devices in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

The VideoMate U3 packs a DVB-T tuner into a tiny little thumbdrive. It's designed so that you can watch TV on your laptop on the go, and comes with a mini aerial and some custom software to allow you to record TV. No external power is required: the U3 gets al its power form the USB 2.0 port it's plugged in to.

(As far as we can tell, the thumbdrive U3 is entirely unrelated to the other U3 thumbdrive).

Also out on the market is the VideoMate, which is a combination analogue and digital PCI TV card. It comes in a low-profile form factor for squeezing inside your MCE PC, and also includes a remote control and some custom software which allows you to power up and down via remote. Compro claim that it's multiple voltage regulators on-board give a cleaner video signal.

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