Compulab releases DIY smartphone

Written by Joe Martin

October 19, 2007 | 09:36

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Gadgets like this are exactly the type of thing geeks like us love - functional, cool and complex. We're talking of course about the new DIY Smartphone kit from Compulab, a company which specialises in computer-on-modules.

The new do-it-yourself Smartphone kit from Compulab comes with everything that a budding modder or gadget-crafter will need to build themselves a EM-X270 Smartphone, except the screen which has to be bought separately for some reason.

Starting at around $122 in the US, the kit can be assembled to run an Intel Xscale CPU at up to 520MHz on either Linux or Windows. After that you have to start buying extras, which include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a camera and a VGA touchscreen:

"Available with an optional display, battery with charger and keypad, the EM-X270 offers a self-contained solution requiring just an enclosure for implementing the final custom product... The EM-X270 has several connectors and slots as used in PDA's and also an internal extension connector for application-specific add-on's. Ready-to-run Windows CE and Linux packages are available from CompuLab." Says the official site.

The only thing that the kit doesn't come with and which we'd reckon you need is a case - but that's hardly a challenge to the typical bit-tech modder and we're sure that many of you are already thinking of swanky little designs and shapes. The advantage of designing a case from scratch is of course that you can incorporate your own designs and engravings on to the shell.

This close to Christmas, the EM-X270 could be an ideal present for modders wanting a smaller project over the holiday season. If you do pick one up though then be sure to send us your pictures and feedback, dropping them all in the forums.
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