Cooler Master debuts ESA Cosmos

Written by Phil Cogar

November 13, 2007 | 13:28

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Cooler Master's Cosmos case is one sexy beast. With six hard drive bays and ample room inside, it originally came fairly feature packed for a case. Now there is one more feature to add to the list - the newest model supports Nvidia's Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA).

What exactly is ESA? ESA is an open source platform that calls for all computers devices to communicate with each other through the USB interface. Each device will be software controlled in order to allow you to view and change settings individually. While some components have offered this option for some time now, it is now being standardised and backed up by the likes of Nvidia and a large list of manufacturers.

Cooler Master is among the many that are supporting the standard and today brings forth the debut of the Cosmos ESA.

While nearly identical to the Cosmos case that we reviewed back in August, there are a couple of slight changes to this new version. The biggest of them all is a thermal control board which gives the users the ability to monitor and adjust four separate fans. While this may not seem like much to those that have used a fanbus for years, it does allow all of this to happen through a software link.

Future power supplies and water cooling products from Cooler Master will also support ESA. ESA power supplies will allow users to monitor and adjust voltages, currents, and temperatures while ESA water cooling units will allow users to monitor flow rates, control pumps, fans, and water temperatures.

List price for the Cosmos ESA is currently $229 USD.

Are you interested in upgrading your components to ESA supported ones? Maybe the sight and sound check is enough for you. Leave your thoughts over in the forums.
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