Cooler Master PSU warranty now 5 years

July 31, 2007 | 08:13

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We don't tend to comment on press releases that often on bit-tech, but one dropped into our inbox yesterday morning that was really out of the blue and should be beneficial of all of our readers. Cooler Master has just increased the warranty on its Real Power and Real Power M PSUs up from an industry standard three years, to a massive five years.

This is not like the hard drive saga of old, where Seagate led the way with five years after Maxtor announced a one year warranty a few years ago. Hard drives die pretty randomly and everyone has their own stories to tell, in comparison you don't really hear about people stressing over PSU reliability all that often.

However, don't get us wrong, this is not something we're turning our noses up at and Cooler Master obviously feels its PSUs are reliable enough to last out a full five years. Or, at least you know your potentially expensive investment is valid for a good deal longer than elsewhere.

Hopefully other companies will follow suit as, lets be honest, two years is perhaps a little weak.

The Real Power and Real Power M, are certified 80Plus parts for models: RS-430-ASAA, RS-500-ASAA, RS-550-ACAA-A, RS-600-ASAA,
RS-750-ACAA-A1, RS-850-EMBA, RS-A00-EMBA (1000W), so they should already be on a good standing, even though when we reviewed its 850W Real Power Pro unfortunately didn't fare that well.

Do you think five years is necessary on a PSU, or is any free extra warranty always good regardless of the product? Share your views with us in the forums.
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