Aqua Computer launches KryoM.2 SSD coolers

May 24, 2016 | 11:35

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Liquid-cooling specialist Aqua Computer has announced a new product trio designed to tame the heat output of higher-performance M.2 storage devices: the KryoM.2 family.

Designed, Aqua Computers claims, to address thermal throttling issues with high-performance M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs), the KryoM.2 family is split into three parts: a PCI Express riser card, a passive heatsink, and a water block for connection to a liquid-cooling loop. In all cases - including, the company claims, using the riser card alone - the operating temperature of the M.2 SSD is reduced.

The riser card slots into a PCI Express 3.0 x4 slot, with the M.2 SSD being installed vertically and adhered to the PCB using a bundled thermal pad - the source of the company's claim that using the riser card alone improves the heat dissipation of an SSD. For those looking for improved cooling, a passive aluminium heatsink anodised in black can be added with a second thermal pad, sandwiching the SSD between the riser card and heatsink. If that's not good enough a copper water-block, fitted with G1/4 threads and compatible with the company's Kryoconnect adapter kits, can be fitted instead.

Aqua Computers has confirmed that all three devices will begin shipping by the end of the month, priced at €18.90 for the riser card alone, €29.90 bundled with the heatsink, or €67.90 bundled with the water-block, while the heatsink and water-block can be purchased separately for €12.90 and €49.90 respectively.

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