Cooler Master launches Seidon 120V Version 2

November 25, 2014 | 12:47

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Cooler Master has officially launched a new revision of its 120mm all-in-one sealed-loop liquid cooler, the Seidon 120V Version 2.

Designed to replace the existing Seidon 120V in the mark, the Seidon 120V Version 2 - also known as the Seidon 120V R2 - is designed to minimise the barrier to entry into the liquid cooling market. While the company modestly describes the original revision as 'near to perfection for its price point,' Cooler Master admits that there was some room for improvement - and the result is the Seidon 120V Version 2.

Cooler Master claims that the new design includes an improved pump which considerably lowers the noise level compared to the original design while maintaining its performance. Coupled with a new Silencio FP 120 fan boasting pulse-width modulation (PWM) speed control, a lower noise level of just 6.5dBA and static pressure optimisation, the company believes that the new revision marks a definite improvement over its predecessor.

Interestingly, the company has not yet announced a Version 2 revision for its Seidon 120V Plus, an upgraded version of the Seidon 120V which included a 120mm JetFlo fan with blue LED lighting - matching the LED indicator on the combined pump and coldplate unit common to both models. While one is likely to follow, at present the only way to get the improved design is to pick up the more sedate black standard edition.

The Seidon 120V Version 2 has yet to appear on the company's official website, but has already arrived at selected retailers in the UK at around the £37 mark including VAT - placing it at roughly the same level as a mid-to-high-end air cooler.
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