Cooler Master demos dual-pump AIO, sub-55g mouse, fanless PSU, and more

June 5, 2019 | 10:10

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Cooler Master is one of those finger-in-many-pies companies that always has a large presence at Computex, and 2019 was no different, with the company showing new products and prototypes in its four key consumer categories: coolers, peripherals, power supplies, and cases.

Starting with coolers (more detail in the embedded video), the star of Cooler Master’s stand was its dual-pump all-in-one liquid-cooler, which is exactly what it sounds like. Taking inspiration from redundant industry designs (if one pump fails, work continues), Cooler Master is still developing this and will push the higher performance angle to consumers, likely targetting HEDT sockets like LGA 2066 and TR4. It’s a prototype design for now, but we may see it finalised at CES 2020.

The MasterAir Maker 3DVVC uses a 3D vertical vapour chamber, hence the name. It has no heat pipes, which supposedly decreases air resistance around the fins. It’ll come with a high cost for an air cooler, though, with Cooler Master looking at $130 and a potential end-of-year launch.

You can also see the yper 212X SE and MasterAir MA620M (Wraith Ripper-esque design for mainstream sockets) covered in the video.

Onto peripherals, the MM831 is a wireless mouse with a 32,000 DPI sensor (16,000 native, most likely), Qi wireless charging, and a PBT chassis. It’ll arrive in November for $100.

The MH670 is Cooler Master’s first wireless gaming headset sporting a 2.4GHz connection and virtual 7.1 surround sound. It too will launch at $100, this time in October.

The MM710 retains the wire but ditches a lot of weight and is Cooler Master’s answer to the Model O. With a honeycomb shell, it weighs in at under 52g. It uses the PixArt PMW3389 sensor (16,000 native) and interpolates to hit a ridiculous maximum sensitivity of 32,000 DPI. Expect it in November for $60.

For PSUs, the focus was TEP, the Thermal Enhanced Platform. It’s a brand new, in-house PSU platform design, and Cooler Master will be launching XG Gold Essential, XG Gold Advanced, and XG Gold Plus lines of PSUs. Examples we saw included full modularity on all of them, but Cooler Master isn’t revealing too much about specific products at this stage.

Project Fanless has no official name and is not even a real product at this time, but it is a showcase of Cooler Master’s ability to produce a fully fanless 650W PSU. What’s nifty is that you can then add a fan of your choosing via the bracket and have it start pumping out up to 1,000W with 80 Plus Platinum efficiency.

We’ve left cases to last because we foolishly didn’t take any photos in our haste, but briefly the main announcements are the new Silencio S400 and S600 (micro-ATX and ATX respectively) that are silence-optimised cases featuring materials that seek to dampen specific frequencies humans are more sensitive to. They’ll launch this month for $80-$100 depending on model. Lastly, the MasterCase H100 is a mini-ITX case arriving in July for $60. It’ll come with a 200mm RGB front intake fan, plenty of mesh panelling, and a carry handle.

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