Corsair unveils ML Series magnetic bearing fans

July 11, 2016 | 15:03

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Corsair has unveiled a new fan family, the Corsair ML Series, featuring what the company's describes as a 'revolutionary' new bearing type: Magnetic Levitation Bearings (MLB).

Split across three sub-families - the ML, ML Pro, and ML Pro LED ranges - Corsair's latest fans come in ten different variants overall. Each has one thing in common, though: the Magnetic Levitation Bearing (MLB) which the company claims offers lower noise, higher performance, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional ball, fluid, sleeve, or rifle bearings.

In addition to the magnetic bearings, which have also appeared in fans from rival manufacturers including Enermax and Lepa, Corsair's new ML fan range includes a new rotor design built to balance static pressure and airflow and a 2,000rpm speed control range. At the slowest 400rpm speed, the 120mm variants are said to offer 12CFM airflow and 16dBA noise levels with the 140mm hitting 17CFM at the same 16dBA; at the top 2,400rpm speed the 120mm variants hit 75CFM at 37dBA with the 140mm versions reaching 97CFM at, again, the same 37dBA.

'We built the ML Series to be the ultimate fan, offering exceptionally low noise levels to those who value silence and insane airflow for those who demand it,' claimed Corsair's Michael Hooper at the unveiling. 'With the use of the Magnetic Levitation Bearing and custom rotor, we’re able to create a single fan that lets the user choose their perfect balance between airflow, static pressure and noise with no compromises.'

The standard ML120 and ML140 fans are to launch in twin packs at a US recommended retail price of $34.99 and $39.99 respectively; the ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro are packed singly but with the addition of black rubber corner bumpers for $24.99 and $28.99 respectively; the ML120 Pro LED and ML140 Pro LED finish the range with a choice of white, red, or blue LED lighting and matched corner bumpers for $27.99 and $30.99 respectively.

UK stock is slowly filtering into the channel now, with the black-finish fans in stock now and LED versions due in the coming days. More information is available on the official product page.
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