Cryorig sets A40, A80 all-in-one liquid cooler pricing

November 4, 2015 | 12:22

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Cooling specialist Cryorig has announced launch pricing for its first all-in-one liquid coolers, the Cryorig A-Series, with a view to worldwide availability nearer the end of this month.

First unveiled by the company back in June, the Cryorig A-Series marks its first foray into liquid, rather than air, cooling. Based on liquid cooling specialist Asetek's fifth-generation pump and cold block design, Cryorig is looking to make its coolers stand out from the crowd by adding a fan to the top. Doing this, the company claims, drops the temperature of components like RAM and VRMs around the CPU by up to 20 per cent compared with a traditional fan-free Asetek design, and is adjustable for direction and removable if you decide you'd rather not use it.

The Cryorig A-Series is to launch in three variants, the company has confirmed. The A40 features a dual-120mm radiator measuring 27.5mm in thickness, with the A40 Ultimate upgrading to a 38.5mm thickness for improved performance. The A80, meanwhile, drops back to a 27.5mm thickness but increases the fan size to 140mm, with all models arriving with a pair of fans pre-installed on the radiator and the removeable Airstream fan on the coldblock. All models boast support for all current Intel and AMD processor types and include Cryorig's MultiSeg backplate system, which the company claims offers easier installation than rival designs.

Cryorig is launching the A-Series in Japan this week and internationally towards the end of the month, with European pricing set at €99.95, €109.95, and €119.95 for the A40, A40 Ultimate, and A80 respectively.
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