Cryorig announces Customod, Cryo-Paste

May 21, 2015 | 12:18

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Cooling specialist Cryorig has announced the impending release of two new product lines: Customod customisation accessories and Cryo-Paste thermal interface material.

The company's latest products, announced ahead of a show-and-tell at the Computex event in Taipei this June and due for release in the summer, start with the Customod family. Designed for buyers of its existing heatsink designs, Customod will launch with six colour choices of cover panels for the company's Cryorig R1 heatsink allowing those with windowed cases or who are particularly picky the opportunity to match the design with their motherboard colour scheme.

The Customod range, Cryorig has claimed, will be extended in the future with the launch of additional colour and finish choices for the R1 and its other heatsink models, but the company has denied any plans to release fully-coloured heatsinks.

The Customod family is to launch alongside Cryo-Paste, the company's first thermal interface material (TIM) range. Three variants will be available: CP5 will be the premium for thermal performance with a hit to its spreadability; CP7 will offer slightly lower thermal performance but improved spreadability; and CP15 will have the lowest thermal performance but the highest spreadability. Each will be supplied in a blister pack with an isopropyl alcohol-soaked cleaning pad and a spreading tool measured to match the widths of most common CPUs.

More information on the Customod and Cryo-Paste ranges are available on their respective product pages.
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