EK Water Blocks launches CryoFuel coolant

March 30, 2017 | 11:04

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EK Water Blocks has announced the launch of a new liquid coolant which it claims is the market's 'most chemically stable' for improved colour retention and thermal efficiency, while still being fully biodegradable.

Available in both pre-mixed and concentrated forms, the new EK-CryoFuel is claimed to require no additional chemicals or kill-coils - metal coils, usually silver, used to discourage the growth of nasties that can discolour loops and block water blocks - even for long-term use. The company has confirmed five colours to make up the launch range: transparent, Blood Red, Navy Blue, Lime Yellow, and Acid Green.

According to the company, EK-CryoFuel is 'chemically stable' and will retain its colour over long periods of use while resisting the usual issues that effect coloured liquid coolants. When using the concentrated form, which is mixed in a 1:9 ratio, you still need to use distilled water rather than plain old tap water - the latter being packed with additional chemicals, minerals, and pipe residue. The liquid also contains corrosion, scale, and biological inhibitors, yet the company claims it is biodegradable to 90 percent in a period of just ten days.

The pre-mixed variant is to be sold in 900ml bottles, EKWB has confirmed, which it claims to be more than enough to fill typical custom cooling loops, and is priced at €8.95 in any colour. Buying the concentrated variant, which is supplied in 100ml bottles, provides more finished coolant (a full litre at the recommended dilution) at the lower price of €6.95, though you'll need to supply the distilled water yourself. UK suppliers have begun listing the EK-CryoFuel at £6.95 for concentrate and £8.99 for pre-mix, a slight premium over the recommended retail price. A litre-sized filling bottle with flexible straw for ease of filling radiators in-situ is also available separately, priced at €6.99.

More information is available on the company's official website.
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