EKWB launches hefty Socket P Annihilator EX/EP water block

April 9, 2018 | 10:32

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Liquid-cooling specialist EK Water Blocks has announced its first water block designed specifically for Intel's LGA 3647 socket, also known as Socket P.

Originally launched for the Xeon Phi family of processors, LGA 3647 - also known as Socket P, but not to be confused with 2007's significantly smaller mobile-centric Socket P for the Santa Rosa platform - is a hefty flip-chip land-grid array (FCLGA) socket designed with server use firmly in mind. To support users of Intel's latest Skylake and Skylake-E based processors using the socket - the latter of which are designed to tempt high-end desktop (HEDT) users for whom budget is no concern - EKWB has announced its first water block for the socket: the Annihilator EX/EP.

Claimed to be an 'enterprise solution' design, the Annihilator EX/EP includes six ports - G3/8" threads in the four side ports, G1/4" for the two top ports - and a nickel-plated copper base which covers the entire surface of Intel's LGA 3647 processors. The block's upper surface, meanwhile, is made from POM acetal finished in black - the company apparently resisting the urge to throw a few RGB LEDs or custom colour options into the mix. A narrow ILM mounting hold-down is designed to support installation into multi-socket motherboards and 1U server cases.

Given its status as a niche product designed for those who are spending a hefty chunk on their build, not to mention the larger-than-average size of the block, it's no surprise to find the company pricing it at the upper end of the market at €141.07 (inc. VAT), which includes the block, mounting parts, two G1/4" plugs, one G3/8" plug, two HFB barb fittings with clamps, four Allen keys, and 1g of thermal grease.

More information is available on the company's webshop product page.

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