EKWB launches Performance expandable liquid cooling kits

March 7, 2016 | 15:56

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EK Water Blocks (EKWB) has announced a new Performance family of pre-packaged liquid cooling kits, all of which are designed to be extensible for the inclusion of a GPU water block in the future.

Designed, the company claims, for those looking to build a system suitable for driving the range of virtual reality hardware which is now just around the corner, the EK Performance liquid cooling family comprises three kits: the EK-KIT P240, EK-KIT P280, and EK-KIT P360. As you might imagine, the numbers correspond to the size of radiator: the EK-KIT P240 comes with an EK-CoolStream PE 240mm radiator, the EK-KIT P280 with a 280mm version, and the EK-KIT P360 with the triple-fan 360mm variant. Each also includes appropriate fans: two EK-Vardar F3-120 fans with the P240, two EK-Vardar F2-140 fans with the P280, and three EK-Vardar F3-120 fans with the P360, along with appropriate power splitters.

That is where the differences end. The remaining items included in the kit are identical between versions, including the EK-Supremacy EVO universal CPU water block. Liquid storage and propulsion is provided by an EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 reservoir and pump combination which can be mounted using the bundled EK-UNI Pump Bracket, six EK-ACF 10/13mm nickel fittings connect to PrimoChill PrimoFlex ADvanced LRT clear tubing, and 100ml of concentrated EK-EKoolant Evo Clear fluid is included in every pack.

EK has confirmed European pricing of the new kits at €319.95 for the EK-KIT P240, €339.95 for the EK-KIT P280, and €344.95 for the EK-KIT P360.
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