FSP announces Windale 4, Windale 6 tower coolers

April 26, 2017 | 11:45

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FSP has announced a pair of new direct-contact tower coolers, the Windale 4 and Windale 6, boasting compatibility with the latest Intel and AMD socket types including AMD's AM4.

Built around heat pipes which directly contact the CPU's integrated heatspreader (IHS), the Windale 4 and Windale 6 differ only in size and appearance: The former has four heat pipes and a bare aluminium finish, while the latter has six heat pipes running through a larger black-anodised fin stack and blue LED lighting to its 120mm fan. In both cases, the overall design is the same: a 120mm fan pushes air through louvred aluminium fins attached to the heat pipes using the company's patented solder-free technique, while the coldplate at the base is bare underneath to allow flattened sections of the heat pipes themselves direct contact with the CPU.

According to FSP's internal testing, the smaller Windale 4 features a measured thermal resistance of 0.11°C/W and can cope with CPUs running in thermal design profiles (TDPs) up to 180W, while the larger Windale 6 boasts an improved 0.09°C/W thermal resistance and support for a 240W TDP. In both cases, the company boldly claims, the Windale coolers should offer temperatures 'well below' those of rival designs.

The Windale 4 measures 122mm by 158mm and is 83mm deep with an overall weight of 620g, while the larger Windale 6 measures 122mm by 165mm and is 110mm deep with a 823g overall weight. In both cases, the coolers come with all required mounting brackets, a sleeve-bearing fan running at 600-1,600 revolutions per minute (RPM) with a peak 60 cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow at a 62 dBA noise level.

UK pricing for the coolers has not yet been announced, with more information available from the Windale 4 and Windale 6 product pages.
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