Gelid launches Rev. 3 Tranquillo cooler

October 15, 2014 | 18:13

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Cooling specialist Gelid has today announced the release of the Rev. 3 Tranquillo multi-socket CPU cooler, the latest in its Silent line of coolers.

The new cooler is, unsurprisingly, an update to the Rev. 2 Tranquillo which was launched about three years ago. By and large, the design is the same, as both coolers use four heat pipes and ship with a single, black and white 120mm fan, but Gelid has made a few tweaks.

The four heat pipes are arranged in a similar fashion to before, as it is said to provide the best heat transfer to the fins. As such, their cooling capability should be identical, though Gelid has made a few tweaks to prevent hardware conflicts with the latest wave of motherboards.

The hydro dynamic bearing, 12V PWM fan has also been upgraded; for one thing it now has nine rather than seven blades, and the blades themselves have what Gelid terms a double layer design to further optimise airflow. Maximum airflow has been increased from 58 CFM to 63.5 CFM, while static pressure has also been improved. As a result, Gelid's stated maximum noise has risen from 25.5 dB(A) to 26.5 dB(A), though it still says its capable of silent operation. It also promises that the PWM integrated controller has been fixed to remove a clicking noise that affected the previous model.

The shape of the fins has also been changed to a more rectangular shape, and this has allowed Gelid to include support for a second fan for push-pull configurations – it only ships with the one fan, but a second set of fan clips is supplied, so users can utilise any spare 120mm fans they might have lying around. Physically, the heatsink again comes in at just under 155mm, so case compatibility will be very high. The redesigned fins see the cooler's depth shrink from 74mm to 64mm (excluding fan) but the width has been increased from 125mm to 139mm to make up for the lost surface area. The Rev. 3 is 60g lighter, however, tipping the scales at just 585g.

It mounts in the same way as before using a universal backplate, so is compatible with all the same Intel sockets (LGA775, LGA1366 and LGA115x) and AMD ones (AM2, AM3, FM1, FM2 and all the + variants). LGA2011 support can be added with Gelid's dedicated mounting clips, which are sold separately, though the cooler isn't really designed for Extreme Edition CPUs. On AMD sockets, it can be installed in four directions (4 x 90°).

The Rev. 3 Tranquillo has MSRPs of $39 and 29 Euros; UK pricing is still to come. This includes a tube of the GC-2 thermal compound and a five year warranty.
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