Inno3D teases iChill X3, X4 GPU coolers

May 20, 2016 | 14:23

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Inno3D has teased its latest GPU cooler designs, the iChill X3 and X4, due to arrive attached to cards due to launch 'in the near future.'

'Heat production has been the major drawback for high end graphics cards,' Inno3D product manager Ken Wong hazarded at the announcement. 'We have found ways to further optimise and improve our overall top solution under our iChill label, built to bring out the best of Nvidia's consumer products. And the beauty of it is that the new release of our iChill products does not increase cost nor will it increase our MSRP [Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price] for the end customer.'

The new iChill family, the company has explained, will come in two variants: the iChill 3 features three 92mm 'super-silent' Scythe fans, while the X4 model adds a fourth 50mm fan to improve the cooling performance. In the latter case, the cooler features Inno3D's Active Power Cooling System (APCS) design: the fourth fan is placed on the top edge of the board facing down towards the PCI Express socket, and is used to draw cool air onto dual heatpipes which are attached to a heatsink designed to cool the components surrounding the GPU - including voltage regulator modules (VRM) and memory chips.

Inno3D has also indicated that the cards, to launch under the HerculeZ branding, will include temperature-sensitive LED lighting to the iChill logo on the top: at idle, the logo will glow a cool blue; as the temperature increases, the LEDs will shift colour until they are glowing red to indicate the card is operating near its peak temperature.

While Inno3D has indicated that the new coolers will be available without an increase in selling price compared to the competition, the company has not yet announced pricing or availability for the first cards to feature the iChill X3 and X4 designs.

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