Noctua offers free Skylake upgrade for older coolers

August 4, 2015 | 12:38

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Cooling giant Noctua has announced that it plans to add support for Intel's upcoming Skylake processor range to its older heatsinks, releasing a free upgrade kit for customers making the leap.

Noctua's current range of heatsinks feature a mounting system dubbed SecuFirm2, which is designed for LGA115x sockets - the LGA1150, LGA1155 and LGA1156 - which boast identically-positioned mounting holes. As LGA1151, the socket format chosen for Intel's next-generation Skylake processors, use the same positioning, the news is good for anyone who picked up a heatsink recently: if you've got the SecuFirm2 mounting system, you're good to go.

For older customers, Noctua is continuing its policy of offering free upgrade kits to add compatibility to discontinued models. 'We're determined to provide the best possible support to our customers and over the years, we've sent many thousands of mounting kits free of charge to users who wanted to upgrade to new platforms,' explained Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua's chief executive, of the offer. 'With Skylake just around the corner, we're pleased to announce that we'll extend this offer for LGA1151. Owners of older Noctua retail heatsinks that don't support LGA1151 out of the box will be able to upgrade to the new socket free of charge.'

The kit, dubbed NM-i115x kit, is compatible with 'most' Noctua coolers produced since 2005, and will be sent out to anyone who sends in proof of purchase for both a Noctua cooler and a LGA115x motherboard or processor. A full compatibility chart is available on the Noctua website.
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