NZXT launches variable-speed Kraken X31 AIO

July 9, 2014 | 12:11

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NZXT has officially launched the Kraken X31, a 120mm-sized variant of the company's all-in-one water-cooler family designed for use in more compact cases.

Unveiled by NZXT this week, the Kraken X31 features a smaller radiator designed for mounting on a 120mm fan vent - 20mm smaller than the company's previous compact offering. Bundled with an FX120 V2 fan, NZXT claims the more diminutive radiator doesn't adversely affect cooling performance and that overall it should be directly comparable to its 140mm offerings - with the added bonus of extended tubing and a redesigned mounting system to ease installation.

The Kraken X31's stand-out feature, however, is its variable speed control - the first in the company's range. Designed to work with the NZXT CAM software, the speed of both the fan and the pump can be individually controlled by the user and monitored for any potential issues. NZXT has even confirmed that CAM supports multiple Kraken coolers as standard, allowing one to be used to cool the CPU while another cools the GPU via the company's Kraken G10 adapter. The pump can be adjusted between 2,400 and 3,600rpm, while the fan offers PWM control between 800 and 2,000rpm for a claimed noise level of 18-34dBA.

Overclockers UK is the first company to open pre-orders for the Kraken X31, at a price of £59.99 including a six-year warranty, with the product listing live on the official website now.
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