NZXT launches Grid+ V3 with microphone-driven smart fan curves

October 19, 2017 | 10:37

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NZXT has announced the latest revision of its popular Grid+ fan control system, which now includes a microphone-driven adaptive noise reduction feature.

Building, unsurprisingly, on the 2015 Grid+ V2 which in turn replaced the 2013 Grid, the NZXT Grid+ V3 is a considerable upgrade over its predecessors. The biggest selling point: the addition of a microphone designed to measure sound levels within the case in order to balance cooling performance and noise - something NZXT claims results in a 'smart fan curve' which can drop fan noise levels by 40 percent.

For those who prefer manual control, the Grid+ V3 integrates with NZXT's Control and Monitoring (CAM) software. Supporting six individual channels, with two three-way splitter cables for 10 fans out of the box, the new controller is able to automatically detect three-pin and four-pin fan types and switch between voltage and pulse-width modulation (PWM) speed control accordingly with Silent, Performance, Fixed, and Custom fan curve options as standard - the Silent mode automatically disabling the fans on a given channel when temperature levels are below a user-configurable limit.

Measuring 125mm by 78mm and 15mm thick, plus 35mm by 15mm by 10mm for the cabled microphone which can be moved around the case for best effect, the new design can be installed using a built-in magnetic mount or bundled sticky-back Velcro. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed, but with a US recommended retail price of $49.99 is likely to be around the £50 mark including VAT.

More information is available on the official product page.

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