Raijintek announces Morpheus II Core Edition VGA cooler

April 19, 2016 | 12:27

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Raijintek has announced the impending launch of a new graphics cooler, the Morpheus II Core Edition, with support for AMD and Nvidia's latest reference board designs.

Designed as an upgrade from the original Morpheus, the Raijintek Morpheus II Core Edition comes without any bundled fans - hence the 'Core Edition' suffix - though shouldn't be run passively; rather, the company is positioning the cooler at the higher end of the enthusiast market, where bundled fans are viewed with suspicion and quickly replaced by the customer's personally-preferred model. The company claims that any 120mm fan will suit, though the thickness of the hefty heatsink's fin stack means that higher-pressure fans would likely be advantageous.

The cooler itself features a mirror-finish coldplate which connects to the GPU before transferring the heat to the fin stack via six 6mm heatpipes. The hefty aluminium fin stack, measuring 254mm x 98mm x 44mm, is claimed to provide the thermal capacity to cool any current supported graphics card with ease - though this comes at the cost of a hefty 515g weight before any fans are added.

While the Core Edition pack does not include fans, Raijintek is bundling plenty of extras along for the ride: buyers will get the main heatsink plus additional smaller heatsinks for application to up to 18 individual VRAM chips, 12 individual MOSFET heatsinks, a single longer in-line MOSFET pack, and thermal pads, thermal interface material, and mounts to match.

Pricing and UK availability for the Morpheus II Core Edition have yet to be confirmed.
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