Swiftech launches Komodo Titan X Pascal Luxury Edition

November 29, 2016 | 11:00

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Cooling specialist Swiftech has announced the launch of the Komodo Luxury Edition water block for Nvidia's Titan X Pascal graphics card.

Based on the previously announced Komodo Eco, Swiftech's Komodo Luxury Edition takes the basic design and cranks the knobs up to 11. Like its cheaper predecessor, the block design is designed to cover the graphics processor, voltage regulator modules, and VRAM modules, with thermal pads already applied for the latter parts and a tube of Tim-Mate 2 thermal grease provided for the former. Additional components are mated to the water block with a 1mm gap filler. All told, the company claims, the coolant path fully adheres to Nvidia's guidelines for third-party thermal solutions, boosting cooling performance and increasing the card's overclocking headroom.

Naturally, as a 'luxury' product there are plenty of bells and whistles too. The block housing and bridge are formed of acrylic with lighting provided by Swiftech's programmable ALED system, shining through the block edges, coolant window, and bridge. The coldplate itself is made from chrome-plated copper, with the whole lot being wrapped in a black andodised aluminium top plate with Titan X branding and a matching backplate. The Iris-Eco light controller is included in the bundle, along with installation screws and two G1/4 plugs ready for integration into a loop.

These features, naturally, fetch a premium over the Eco variant: Swiftech has set a US retail price of $169.95 (around £136 excluding taxes) for the Komodo Titan X Pascal Luxury Edition, compared with $124.95 (around £100 excluding taxes) for the Komodo Titan X Pascal Eco Edition. Both are available to purchase now directly from Swiftech, with more information available from the company's official product page.
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