Thermalright announces HR-02 Macho Zero

October 21, 2014 | 12:25

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Thermalright has announced a new special edition revision to its beefy Macho tower cooler, the silent-cooling HR-02 Macho Zero, designed for those who want a quiet-running rig.

The original Macho tower sink performed reasonably well in our review back in 2012, but the Macho Zero has had a number of tweaks to its design with one goal in mind: silent operation. As a result, the hefty block of metal promises entirely passive cooling when installed in rigs with adequate airflow and non-overclocked mid-range processors. For those with more heat to dissipate, optional fan ducts allow 120mm or 140mm case fans to pull air through the fins in what Thermalright describes as a 'semi-passive' mode of operation.

For the traditionalists, there's also active mode: bundled fan clips, finished in black to match the heatsink itself, allow for any 120mm or selected 140mm fans with 120mm-spaced mounting holes to be quickly attached. Thermaright itself, of course, recommends its own PWM-controlled 140mm family, which it claims were developed especially for the Macho heatsink design.

The heatsink itself measures a hefty 140mm x 102mm x 162mm and weighs 750g. Cooling is provided by six 6mm heatpipes, which connect to black anodised aluminium cooling fins designed for lower air resistance with varying holes and an oval duct in the centre to which Thermalright claims 'provides controlled air turbulence' for improved cooling. The mounting kit, suitable for all current AMD and Intel socket types, aligns the body of the heatsink to the rear of the case for compatibility with large RAM sinks. A final design tweak sees the Macho Zero use a larger-than-normal 53x40mm coldplate, designed for best compatibility with Intel's latest Haswell-E processors.

The cooler comes without fans, but bundled with fan clips, universal mounting kit, extra-long magnetic screwdriver and a portion of Thermalright's Chill Factor 3 thermal transfer paste as well as a pair of cotton gloves for installation. Full details are available on the official website, with UK pricing and availability yet to be confirmed.
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