Thermaltake Pacific PR32-D5 Plus reservoir and pump released

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November 25, 2020 | 12:20

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Thermaltake has released its Pacific PR32-D5 Plus reservoir/pump and Pacific MX1 Plus CPU Water Block to retailers. Both of these products feature eye catching RGB lighting effects supported by TT RGB Plus software.

The Thermaltake Pacific PR32-D5 Plus provides a combination of reservoir and pump for your PC cooling needs. Its large reservoir (400ml) can be a striking centerpiece to your PC build with its integrated 12x RGB LEDs. A mirror finished top cover and copper base with mirror nickel plating cap either end of the cylindrical reservoir. The construction sits 267mm tall and becomes the largest reservoir in Thermaltake's portfolio.

A powerful pump provides a flow rate of 1,136 litres per hour and can be adjusted with a 5-way speed control. Don't worry about the tank stability; it can handle up to 50PSI pressure, says Thermaltake.

Thermaltake's Pacific MX1 Plus CPU Water Block is 52.2mm tall. On top it has a mirror finish cover which becomes translucent once the 12RGB LEDs are activated. Other key features of the MX1 Plus are; its mirror finished copper base with nickel plating for great thermal transfer from your CPU, the 0.15mm micro-fin structure for maximum surface heat transfer on the coolant side, and the built-in water temperature sensor.

As with the PR32-D5 Plus, the MX1 Plus can be configured and monitored with the TT RGB Plus software.

We don't have pricing at the time of writing but Thermaltake says that you should be able to pick up these new cooling products from its worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors soon.

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