Corsair shows why budget PSUs aren't so great

July 17, 2008 | 14:00

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Ever wonder why some PSUs claiming huge wattages are so cheap? Why should you buy a branded one - or are you just paying for the name and some fancy cables?

Well, no, you're paying for the fact that it won't blow up - that's why we test PSUs to their limits and we never, ever recommend anything other than branded products. Some people don't listen though and Corsair recently took it upon itself to test some of shoddiest looking power supplies we've seen.

Corsair put six budget units to the test at just 75 percent load and came to some explosive results - check the video to see some MOSFET popping action.

Sure, it's a promotional video for Corsair PSUs and they do run them without the cover on so the airflow isn't directed over the heatsinks, but it still goes to show that cheap PSUs would rather explode than integrate essential features like overheat protection.

It certainly is a case of "you get what you pay for", however that statement is somewhere between untrue and ironic since Corsair aggressively undercut most of the PSU market (annoying a lot of other manufacturers) with their own products. Not that we've had a Corsair PSU pop on us mind, however running the HX1000 at 1,200W recently did produce some interesting noises! (The review will arrive soon).

Corsair are understandably not naming names in the video, but if you recognise who's PSUs do go pop - let us know in the forums!
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